• Hughson T. Ong

What Can We Know about God and Gravity? Is Science More Convincing than God?

God and gravity are realities humans can fully comprehend, but some only choose to acknowledge the latter. For example, one of the great thinkers in the field of science, Stephen Hawking (d. 14 March 2018), once asked the question, “Did God Create the Universe?” He approached and answered the question by way of astrophysics, thinking that it is the only way to understand the universe. Consequently, Hawking rejected God’s existence: “‘I’m an atheist’ because science is ‘more convincing’ than God.” But is it?

Science answers the universe’s existence via an inductive approach.
For instance, science discovered that some external force causes an object to move or accelerate. This external force is invisible, and we explained it as the concept of gravity. Gravity exists, but why it exists remains a mystery. Science discovered again that the earth is a big piece of magnet that extends into a region in the outer space known as the magnetosphere. But why the earth is a piece of magnet is again a mystery. You get the point. Science will continue to discover new theories and explanations to our universe’s existence. The discovery process continues and is good, reasonable, and beneficial.
Faith, by contrast, answers the universe’s existence via a deductive approach.

For instance, Gen 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the universe.” Faith offers an alternative to knowing the universe’s existence. It begins with acknowledging a priori God’s existence and proceeds with discovering a posteriori the phenomena of our universe’s existence. Faith in God is often criticized because it is a belief in the invisible—however, many of the alleged explained theories of science are also a belief in the invisible, not least the concept of gravity!

Christians believe that gravity exists because there is an intelligent designer behind the universe’s existence. This I think is a better and more plausible and reasonable answer to the universe’s existence. Our experience of God is an evidence of his existence. Hawking rejected the idea of an invisible intelligent designer but accepted scientific explanations to the universe’s existence. He could not accept God’s existence but could accept gravity’s existence, even though both God and gravity were invisible to him. He could not experience God because he was predisposed towards trusting solely in science.

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